This Asian local beer is created from a collaboration between Jean Benoit, a bio-engineer with a strong passion for fermentation and Yen, entrepreneur, founder of Yi Chan and who has a strong hospitality background.

This beer is crafted in Boussu and is inspired from Asian culture and uses as ingredient rice flakes, yuzu and mandarine mixed with what makes a great beer which are malted barley, oat flakes and malted wheat.

Passion, taste and techniques are the key features of this beer.


Owner and Founder of Yi Chan in Brussels, Belgium.(Modern Asian Restaurant and Cocktail Bar). Solo creative entrepreneur, citizen of the world.

Started young in the hospitality industry, from washing dishes, from waiter to cook, to pastry to bartender and now being his own boss.

Amazed by drinks technology, he loves experimenting liquid drinks and food.

Every day is a new day to learn, to push over boundaries to experience and to go further in knowledge.

Yen works hard to gain a sense after all these years of mixing cultures in food and drinks, he is a mix of tradition and modernity.


Bioengineer by training, fermentation lover and self-taught brewer.

For Jean-Benoît, every beer is a journey into the world of flavours, brewing traditions and fermentation technology.

Willing to share his everlasting passion for the flavours of fermentation, he creates beers that embrace principles of subtlety, patience and interesting fermentation character.

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